Communications Regulatory Authority – Annual Report 2014/2015

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
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The first annual report published by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) highlights its accomplishments and the progress made in promoting competition and safeguarding the interest of consumers, contributing to Qatar’s transition to a smart, digitally connected nation with a growing, diversified economy.

The report highlights that the telecom market is healthy and growing, and investment in the sector remains strong, with increased revenues, new products, and overall net profits. Competition in mobile has developed, although competition in fixed has yet to fully emerge, which will impact the future growth of that sector.

The report also reaffirms that consumers of communications services in Qatar are benefiting from consumer protection efforts, including a complaints process, a new advertising code of conduct, the Consumer Protection Policy (CPP), and a mobile app—Arsel.

Another highlight in the report is the development of a regulatory and legal framework that supports the development of the sector continues to be put in place, and a competition policy framework aimed at creating a certain and stable environment in which market participants understand under what circumstances CRA will undertake investigations into anti-competitive behavior.