CRA: Consumer Rights Day Survey Reveals Enhanced Consumer Awareness

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) hosted a successful public outreach event to commemorate World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) from March 15 to March 18, 2018, at Katara Cultural Village.

During the event, about 200 visitors participated a survey conducted by CRA. The results indicate that the first point of contact when facing a communication service issue for 61% of consumers is usually a friend or family member. 21% consumers contact their service provider, and 12% chose to ask others on social media for advice and solutions.

The survey also revealed that 68% of consumers read the service terms or contract details before they purchase the communications service. 50% of consumers lodged a complaint to their service provider last year, and 47% thought about switching their service provider.

“We commemorate consumer protection every day at CRA, however, the World Consumer Rights Day gives us a great opportunity to talk to our consumers face-to-face and listen to their concerns. The brief survey we conducted has given us valuable data about consumers’ behavior and this will help enhance our outreach activities. I encourage all of you to contact us via our hotline 103 if you are unable to resolve your complaints with the operators,” said Amel Salem Al-Hanawi, Consumer Affairs Department Manager.

Besides the survey, the event included fun activities for children and adults alike. Visitors to the event could also lodge complaints against licensed service providers onsite and learn more about CRA’s complaints resolution process.

Consumers are free to approach the CRA if a complaint lodged directly to their service provider remains unresolved. Consumers can lodge a complaint with CRA after 48 hours for mobile service disconnections, after 72 hours for fixed line disconnections, or after 30 calendar days for complaints that aren’t related to a service disconnection. Consumers can also contact CRA any time if they are dissatisfied with the offered resolution of the closed complaint. Special needs consumers can lodge complaints to CRA for service disconnections or any other unresolved issues as long as a period of 48 hours has passed.

Complaints are assessed by CRA against a set of criteria to validate a complaint. CRA receives and investigates complaints by working with both the complainant and service providers to find a fair and mutually acceptable resolution.