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Sunday, June 12, 2016
The CRA conducted a customer satisfaction survey among business customers with the key objective of measuring the satisfaction with Quality of Service (QoS) delivered by the service providers under its purview.
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Licensees affected from harmful interference can submit a complaint to the CRA for protection of their assigned radio frequency / band. In such cases, CRA will investigate the matter and take appropriate actions to mitigate the interference.
Sunday, May 15, 2016
The World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15) has been held by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) at Geneva, Switzerland during the period 2-27 November 2015, WRCs are held every three to four years to review the regulatory framework for international spectrum management and satellite coordination.
Sunday, April 17, 2016
The Decision of the Minister of Information and Communication Technology No. (15) of 2015 determines the fees for the use of radio spectrum. The annual fees shall be determined as per the tables enclosed to this decision. Note: This decision is in force from July 08, 2015.
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
The document on this page is the public consultation launched by the Communications Regulatory Authority to address concerns by the developers likely to be affected by the Passive Civil Infrastructure Access Regulation issued by CRA earlier this year.
Sunday, February 28, 2016
The application form to be used for license applications, modifications, renewals or cancellations. The application form describes the information and any documents that need to be provided for the application to be processed.