Public Consultations

As the independent regulatory body for the communications sector in Qatar, the Communications Regulatory Authority recognizes that its decisions must be based on evidence and take into account the views of people and organizations with an interest in the outcome. To improve transparency, efficiency and the effectiveness of regulation in the sector, CRA uses public consultations as a regulatory process to seek inputs from the public and the industry on matters affecting them. 

Periodically we conduct consultations when developing regulations, policies or guidelines. The goal is to improve the quality of our decisions by seeking the expertise, perspectives and ideas of those who will be directly affected. The process of consultation also enables us to balance opposing interests and identify any unintended effects and practical problems before developing any final positions on regulatory issues.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
This document contains the consolidated comments from national and international stakeholders, following our consultation on the Licensing Framework in May 2009
As part of its 2010 Strategic Sector Review, ictQATAR held a public consultation on initial findings and recommendations. This document includes the submitted responses to that public consultation, which took place in March 2011.
ictQATAR Issues Public Consultation on Cost of Capital for the purpose of Regulatory Accounting. The Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) has published a public consultation on the definition of the relevant Cost of Capital for the purposes of Regulatory Accounting.
Saturday, February 19, 2011
The Strategic Sector Review consultation document seeks public comments on the findings from an extensive analysis of the telecommunications market in Qatar and policy recommendations for the sector’s continued development.
Sunday, August 24, 2008
This is a consultation document on ictQATAR’s proposal for Telecommunications Billing Guides: Protecting Consumers from Unfair Billing Practices.
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
This Notice and Orders (“Notice and Orders”) issued by ictQATAR specifies the standards, procedures, methodology and circumstances for defining relevant telecommunications markets in the State of Qatar and assessing the degree of market power in those markets. 
Monday, June 23, 2008
In July 2007, ictQATAR published the Dominance Consultation Document I, which set out a list of proposed retail and wholesale markets and explained the approach followed by ictQATAR in defining markets and assessing market power and dominance.
Monday, January 19, 2009
ictQATAR received 68 responses to its public consultation regarding proposed guidelines for telecommunications billing practices. This document contains the statistical summary of all responses that were submitted using ictQATAR’s comment submission form which was in a questionnaire format.