Class Licenses

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has issued two telecommunications Class Licenses – for Short Range Devices and Type Approved Camel Racing Equipment. Class Licenses allow businesses and persons to import, sell or use certain types of devices or telecommunications equipment for commercial purposes without formally applying to CRA for a license to do so. However, they will have to apply for Type Approval and obtain a Dealer’s License if they are authorized by CRA to deal with telecommunications equipment.

For both Class Licenses, any person or entity wishing to import and sell Short Range Devices or Camel Racing Equipment in Qatar will still need to obtain Type Approval from CRA, along with the approval for dealing in telecommunications equipment.

These licenses are the first of many Class Licenses that will form an important part of the telecommunications licensing regime.

The two Class Licenses issued are:

  1. Class License for  Short Range Devices (SRDs)
    This Class License authorizes use of Short Range Devices (SRDs) that utilize radio transmitters to provide communications capabilities at a low radio frequency power, minimizing the chances of causing interference with other radio equipment. 
    Examples of this type of devices include baby monitors, hearing aids, home alarm systems, garage door openers and meter readers. The SRD Class License enables anyone in Qatar to possess, install and operate the approved class of devices at prescribed frequencies stated in the license without having to apply for a separate license. Under this Class License, there are no license or spectrum fees.
  2. Class License for Type Approved Camel Racing Equipment
    The Class License for Type Approved Camel Racing Equipment, which streamlines the approval process for use, operation and installation of the equipment. This license allows any person to own and use Camel Racing Equipment without having to apply for a separate Class License. The equipment must, however, be in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Class License and must be operated within the authorized frequency bands.