Dispute Resolution Framework

The Telecommunications Law, By-Law and licenses set out processes for resolving different types of disputes that arise in the telecommunications sector. The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) manages dispute resolution on issues related to interconnection and access , for disputes between the service providers, and disputes between service providers and their stakeholders.

In February 2015, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) published the Dispute Resolution Procedures replacing the Dispute Resolution Rules issued in 2010. The Procedures are intended to produce a more effective mechanism in handling disputes between Access Seekers and/ or Providers. It is also aimed at providing clarity and transparency around the entire process, commencing from the initial submission of a dispute until the determination of a final decision.  

  • Broadly, the Procedures set out:
  • The form and manner in which a dispute may  be referred to CRA
  • The information that CRA expects to receive during the course of the proceedings 
  • The process for investigation and conclusion of a dispute
  • The remedies available to CRA    

The full text of the Dispute Resolution Procedures is available at this link.